Respected all

I am Ajay Kumar from Punjab. I am very thankful to The Columbia Education who gave me a great opportunity to study in Canada. MR. Ritesh Dutt helped me a lot to pick the best college and course for my future.
I got admission in St.clair College in Ontario and my course name is Hospitality and tourism course. Before applying for a visa, I was afraid because I have already got 3 times refusal from Canada embassy, as some consultant gave me the wrong direction. But Mr. Ritesh guides a right path and I lodge my file at Jalandhar embassy of Canada. I was very depressed but when I received my visa, I shivered a lot and cried emotionally.
Guys, if you have some problem, kindly visit at once for getting good services.

~ Ajay Kumar

My name is Ajay and I have done IELTS from The Columbia Education. Before coming here, I had been in different instructions but the level of satisfaction I got from here is excellent.
It’s not only about 4 modules there are lots of other activities like debate, picture reading and many more which helps to boost confidence. Due to the sincere efforts of my teachers and me, I got an overall 6.5band.

~ Ajay

My name is Daljeet Singh. I am very much satisfied because the teaching staff is amazing. The individual attention is given to every student. My major area of lacking was R+W+S but they improved through a different technique. Example- I was not good at all in English, so they started different activities like Debate, picture, loud reading and so on. These all helped me to get 6.5 bands overall but 7.0 in listening and reading. I really suggest everyone come here once if they really want to be good bands on their first attempt. A big thanks to Mrs. Gurpreet kaur and Mr. Ritesh Dutt.

~ Daljeet Singh.

Hi Everyone.

I’m Jashanjeet Kaur. I am from Phagwara, Punjab, Currently, I am Doing Bachelor of Commerce in Decan University, Australia. I Applied for My visa through The Columbia Education with the Help of Mr. Ritesh Dutt My Consultant. They Help Me with Every Bit, Every quarry and every Doubt. Right from the start of my application Towards the Approval of My visa, These Were immense Help. So I Recommend everybody Who Wants to Apply for Australia, Canada, NZ Should Apply Though The Columbia Education.

~ Jashanjeet Kaur

I am completely satisfied with IELTS preparation of The Columbia Education institute. I have attended each and every class given by proficient teacher like Gurpreet Kaur and Now I feel very Confident about myself. This institute helped me a lot to get good bands in IELTS. Every teacher was very friendly and helped me a lot for IELTS. I request to all thank you for your guidance.

~ Jaskaran.

My name is Kirandeep Kaur. I have attended the IELTS Classes at The Columbia Education. MY Institute Conducted the Classes b and Provided a great insight for the Preparation. The Columbia Education made us familiar with the actual test format Which helped me to gain confidence in the test day material is comprehensive. The Classes Were very helpful and helped me score 6.0 in IELTS.

~ Kirandeep Kaur.


I feel really great to be a part of this IELTS institute. It helps me to improve my English level. I felt very comfortable when I practiced and check my performance from mock test. I come to know my level of English, which was really worthful in IELTS exam. I had also taken coaching from other institute but I did not get good bands but The Columbia Education helped me to gets best IELTS results. It was a great pleasure taking assistance from The Columbia Education, for my admission overseas. Getting an admin in my dream college LAKELAND at ALBERTA. I would like to express my gratitude to all team members of The Columbia Education for their guidance in every aspect.

~ Maneet


I am Mirgender Singh, from Haryana. I am planning to go to New Zealand on the 18th of January. My city name will be Wellington, Capital of New Zealand. I got admission in WHITIREIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE and my name of course is Graduation IN NETWORKING. Well when I started IELTS, I do not know about anything but Mrs. Gurpreet helped me a lot and within 10 days of coaching, I got 7.5 bands. After I approach Mr. Ritesh Dutt, Actually, this Institute was recommended, my friend. Currently, he lives in Canada. Mr. Ritesh Dutt gave complete knowledge that what to do next. He gave various courses but after 2-3 hours of Discussion, I have selected Networking for my bright future. He arranged all necessary documents. Even he prepared me for visa Interview through telephone and Skype, as I live in PANIPAT. In short I am very impressed by their all services and advise to all visa applicants.

~ Mirgender Singh


My name is Nagesh Kumar. I would recommend you to visit the The Columbia Education institute for IELTS. This is one of the hubs of IELTS which give the best possible result of IELTS. I have experienced two months of IELTS training and get a required band score. I got an overall 6.5 bands. So as per my experience, it is one of the best institutes for those who want to give IELTS exam and again experience at least once.

~ Nagesh Kumar

Hello friends,

I am Navbir Kaur from Punjab. I have done IELTS from THE COLUMBIA EDUCATION and I have got 6.5 bands overall. It’s a great experience as all the teachers are very hardworking and cooperative especially I would like to thank Mrs. Gurpreet Kaur from whom I have got lots of knowledge which is very beneficial for my future.
As my friend recommended me this institute, which proved very good for me. After this, my agent Mr. Ritesh Dutt put forward 2-3 universities, at last, I have selected for VIU (Vancouver Island University) in British Columbia where I am doing MBA. Lastly, I would like to thank all my teachers and also recommend to all aspirants to visit once this institute for making their future bright

~ Navbir

Hello everyone,

I would like to share my fabulous experience at THE COLUMBIA EDUCATION SERVICES. Earlier, I gave IELTS test and I got overall 6.0 bands but 5.0 in reading and that time I was so upset and got demotivate but seriously, suddenly my friend advised me to join respective place as she told me. She was also having experience at the same place and got an overall 7.0 band, then I joined that institute and trust me guys, the staff is so co-operative. They pay attention to every single student, finally with the help of great efforts shown by Mrs. Ritesh Dutt and their staff members towards helped me to achieves overall 6.5 bands, 6.0 in writing and speaking, 6.5 in reading, 7.0 in Listening. Now I am in Canada. I would like to thanks a lot to the team; guys please visit this institute. I am sure they will also make your future bright.

~ Nitika

My name is Pooja. I have done IELTS from The Columbia Education. Before coming here, I have visited many different institutions but the level of satisfaction I got from here is just impeccable…
It’s not only about 4 modules there are lots of other activities like debate, picture reading and many more which helps to boost up confidence due to sincere efforts of my teachers and me. I got 6.5 overall 7.5 listening, 6.0 reading, 6.0 speaking, 6.0 writing. I recommend everyone to come here because its worth it to come here.

~ Pooja Bedi

Thank you The Columbia Education for the right career push. Proficiency course module and expert guidance of renowned faculty members like Mrs. Gurpreet Kaur helped me a lot to get good bands in IELTS. Thank you so much for right path shown by you.

~ Ramneet Kaur

Hello Mam,

I am so glad to share that I got 7.5 bands. I would like to thank you and your team for ene help during my IELTS journey. It was an amazing experience at your institute that helped me to boost my confidence and overcome my weakness and mistakes especially, weekly mock tests which gave real insight on how well we are prepared for the exam. All your strategies and tips act as a gateway to get good bands to care. It was really pleasured learning with you and I highly recommend THE COLUMBIA EDUCATION SERVICES to every IELTS aspirants to have a wonderful learning experience from professionally qualified and co-operative staff.

~ Rohini Verma

It is really great to be a part of the Columbia IELTS institute. The faculty is really good especially, Mrs. Gurpreet mam, her way of teaching and giving attention to each student is nice. It helps me to pinpoint my weak area in English and enhance my English to great extent. IELTS staff is excellent and co-operating as they help in clearing all my doubts in all modules of IELTS especially in Writing and reading. Though, MOCK TEST conducted by mam, I came to know about my level of English and which is really worthful in IELTS exam. I really appreciate the flexible thinking of classes. I enjoyed my classes and I am really thankful to the COLUMBIA Academy for such a good IELTS training.

~ Rohit Kumar

I am a gland that The Columbia Education save me great opportunity to study in New Zealand and Mr. Ritesh Dutt helped me a lot to select suitable and best college for my future. As I pursue a Diploma in Electronics in Renowned New Zealand’s NTEC College. The efforts, dedication, determination of Mr. Ritesh Dutt, I hearty appreciated them all. So now I recommend all visits at least once to avail their services if you have a dream to settle in Western Country.

~ Satwinder Singh

Hello friends,

My name is Savita Paul. I am from Phagwara, Punjab. Recently I visited Canada for higher Studies. I got required bands. My coaching centre is THE COLUMBIA EDUCATION SERVICE every staff member is very co-operative and helpful. They helped me a lot in improving my vocabulary and communication skills and so on. After that I applied my Visa file from respective Place. My agent name is Mr. RITESH DUTT. He is very co-operative and suggested me the best course and best college in Canada. Finally, I got admission in BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COURSE in COLUMBIA College. I am very Thankful to every staff members and I would like to recommend to my friends to apply their Visa file from this Institution.
Thank You.

~ Savita Paul

To The Columbia Education,

I am writing this small message to thank you for the help and guidance in IELTS. I enjoyed being taught by you immensely. There are excellent teachers and have inspired me to continue learning with an open and positive mind. I appreciate all your hard work. It’s meant so much to me. The influence of a great teacher can never be erased the same as the influence of this institute on me, my personality and the result it helped me to achieve can never be ignored in my eyes. Once again, thank you so much for your time, expertise and patience.
Sruchi Dewit.

~ Sruchi Dewit

It was a very educational experience. I adapt lots of knowledge here. Teachers are cooperative and head mam always gives motivation to their students regarding studies from the teacher. I have learned many strategies to solve the problem. All in all, the academy our was very studious. Good institute for IELTS study.

~ Shivam

I am Surbhi. I want to thanks The Columbia Education especially Mrs. Gurpreet Kaur. She is very hardworking and her way of teaching is amazing. She always encourages us to do hard work and also provide a relative vocabulary every day. Because of her motivation, I am able to get the required band score. Thank you so much, mam, for your encouragement.

~ Surbhi